Monday, June 15, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 252: Nocturnal vs diurnal

Me: I was planning to go out with you tomorrow. [SH usually goes to this karaoke bar on Tuesday nights.]

SH: But you hate going out.

My brother, my mom, Dr J and SH singing the weekend of our wedding. The post-modern wedding: going out to a dive Milwaukee bar to sing karaoke with your family and new spouse.

Me: Yes, but you have been nagging me about it, so I am going to go.

SH: I haven't been nagging you. I just said I wished you liked to go out.

Me: So I'll go.

SH: But you won't have any fun. I only got to sing three times last time.

Me: I thought you wanted me to go.

SH: I want you to want to go. That's different.

Me: So it doesn't count if I go because I don't have the right motives? [See: Using reusable grocery bags, line-drying clothes, growing your own vegetables, buying jeans at Goodwill, walking to the library instead of driving: Don't count if you are a conservative doing it just to save money. It only counts if you are a liberal environmentalist.]

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