Saturday, June 06, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 387: The hunter

This is what Sunday morning looks like at our house:

I read the ads to find out what I might want to buy.

SH reads them to see what he has already bought.

Sometimes, this is a good thing, as in he will notice that Menard's had the nerve to drop the price on the trash can we just bought (we have to have a separate trash can for yard waste because it is illegal to put yard waste in with the regular trash, thank you Wisconsin legislators who have solved all the big problems here and can now worry about what I throw away and how I do it) and can he get the price adjustment?

Sometimes, no. Menard's only gives you a price adjustment within 15 days and it's been a month since we bought the trash can. Well, maybe he'll just show them and return and then re-buy the trash can (we had not used it yet), which I point out is slightly unethical (but only very slightly) and the store has the right to have the price adjustment cutoff wherever they want* and more importantly, is it worth it to go through all that hassle for $1.78, or half a beer in SH units?

Sometimes, yes, as when he notices a Target price change, because Target allows a month or so and you don't even have to take the item to the store, just the receipt, and as we make it to Target frequently, he recovers at least one and one-third beers with his hypervigilance.

His main thing, though, is the TV, which we bought in December. Since then, at least once a month, I hear him proclaim as he brandishes the ad in my face, "Costco is advertising the TV and it's still not as cheap as I got it, even with the rebate!" or "Ha! Best Buy says this is a good price? I paid $X less for ours!" He laughs triumphantly, confident in his victory over the retailers. He has won. My man.

* We argue for 15 minutes over how long a store should allow price adjustments with SH maintaining they should do it for infinity and me saying good Lord man, you were willing to pay the first price and this is a gimme that sometimes you get and sometimes you don't and if you hate how they are doing it, then start your own business and see how easy it is.


Anonymous Mother said...

I have been hearing ads on TV for people to get included in a class action law suit against (some pain medication, can't remember the name) because customers paid more for it "than for comparable pain medications".

I'm thinking, "SO???" NOBODY forced them to buy that drug vs. the other ones!

That's just plain ridiculous!

Anonymous Mother said...