Monday, June 15, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 603: Procrastinator vs Planner

SH: The house is ready for your mom and she doesn't even get here until Thursday.

This is the Guest Chocolate Chez Cheeseguy and Doc.

Me: Not quite ready.

SH: But you've cleaned the guest room and the guest bathroom. There's really nothing left to do.

Me: I still have to wash that bathroom floor and dust.*

SH: Pffft.

Me: [shrug]

SH: Don't you want to wait until the night before she comes and then stay up all night cleaning the way I used to have to do with Imelda [his ex wife]?

Me: Um. No.

* And put out the Guest Chocolate and a few bottles of water and some current magazines.


Marta said...

I totally want to be your guest!

I want to make you work really hard to get the house ready and then I want to keep you up late chatting and then we can braid each other's hair and paint each other's toenails and gossip and.... oops...I was fantasizing out loud, wasn't I?

One day, amiga. =D

class-factotum said...

Marta, I would love to have you visit! I like your idea of what company does.

You left out the food. Nobody leaves our house hungry and I think anyone who stays wants to return. Not all are invited to return, though. But that would not be a problem with you. :)