Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 776: Marry a man who can fix things!

Thanks to The Engineer's hard work, brilliant taping, and foresight to buy a second dehumidifier a few weeks ago (because heaven forbid that the boxes holding the >300 bottles of wine* in the laundry room, which now has to remain closed and hence does not get the draw** from the dehumidifier in the furnace room, get damp), it looks like we have averted a carpet tragedy.

We had to move the furniture off the wet carpet and then bring in fans and dehumidifiers. SH then sealed off the doors with plastic.

The mitigator told us that he thought we could dry the carpet ourselves. Not to diminish our tragedy, he said, but he had enough work -- a customer with a hole in his warehouse and $2 million of rain damage was next on his list. We agreed that 20 square feet of wet carpet that could be maybe dried and if not dried, then replaced for less than $1,000 (although a huge pain in the neck to move everything out of the room) did not qualify as tragedy. Not only that, but honestly, if I have to spend $500, I would rather buy some swanky shoes than pay an insurance deductible. Not that I would ever spend $500 on shoes. I dream about it. I just don't do it.***

SH adjusts the cat flap.

The big challenge was teaching the cats to go through the little flap SH left at the corner of each door after he had taped it off. The litter box is in the furnace room and Lord knows we don't want to cut off access to it. Laverne got it right away, but when SH tried to lure Shirley (the Pretty One) through the flap with some kibble, she wasn't interested, wanting to sit and listen to the blissfully loud noise coming from the dehumidifier. Oh, if only I would run the vacuum cleaner all the time, Shirley would be in heaven.****

* Our friend Gary on facebook after SH commented about the flood: "Is the wine OK?"

** See "Shirley breaks into the laundry room for the third time but isn't smart enough to open a door"

*** I do, however, spend $20 on almost-new Michael Kors moccasins at the new Goodwill boutique in downtown Milwaukee. They are diverting all the good stuff to that shop and charge more, which is OK because it's still cheap (Ralph Lauren sweater, $7) and it doesn't have that used-clothes smell that the regular Goodwill has. And you have to look through a lot less stuff.

**** Laverne, however, hisses at the sight of the silent vacuum cleaner. It is the enemy.


Elizabeth said...

Hee - when I get a "real job" (crosses fingers and prays to the god of academic positions) and Boy and I are BOTH gainfully employed? I am buying myself one fancy outfit and one pair of shoes that cost at least $200. I will probably regret it. I will never do it again. But dangit, I want to do it *once*.

class-factotum said...

Elizabeth, go for it!

Of course, even better than paying $200 for shoes is paying $50 for $200 shoes. I am wondering how much it would hurt to squeeze my feet into the BRAND-NEW Ferragamos that I saw at the Humane Society thrift shop. Problem is they are 10AAA. I am an 8.5 medium. Sigh.