Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Math at Walgreen's

Umm. Yeah. Am I missing something here? When I saw this, I had had no sugar. Even now, after breaking my no-sugar vow with one of the two biscotti I kept here before delivering the rest to the librarian, I am not quite seeing the big bargain.

OK. True confessions. I also had the chocolate truffle that I brought home from book club last night. I haven't touched the rhubarb bar or the cheesecake. Yet. But the hostess insisted we take leftovers home with us.


I used to do that -- do a bunch of cooking for a party and then send people home with the leftover food, but I don't do that any more, not after the big tapas party that SH and I hosted where I made about seven kinds of tapas, all by hand -- it took me two days of cooking -- and then I stupidly made people take stuff with them instead of freezing it (we were leaving for our first joint trip to Morocco soon) and boy did I regret that a few weeks later when it would have been nice to have food available without doing more than taking it out to thaw.

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