Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No sugar

Here is why today must be a no-sugar day.

I spent Sunday eating chocolate, Nutella straight from the jar, and Hagen-Daz coffee chocolate chip ice cream. And baklava.

I would totally break my no-sugar vow if churros y chocolate appeared in front of me.

I spent Monday eating marzipan.

Yesterday, I had rhubarb bars and cheesecake at book club and about seven biscotti as I was baking them. Chocolate chocolate-chip walnut biscotti. I had to test them because it was a recipe I hadn't used before and because they had to be right for the librarian who made an exception to the Milwaukee library policy that if you turn in a book that somehow has gotten water damage and you don't know how and it's driving you crazy trying to figure it out, you are supposed to pay the full price to replace the book.

Random Morocco photo. These guys are stoking the fire at a pottery factory.

Even if it wasn't very good and you hated the protagonist because at her ten-year high school reunion she was just as mean to her old friend as she had been to the friend in high school. (The book is called, "Don't You Forget About Me," but I would recommend that you do forget it.)

You are not supposed to be able to replace the book, even if you can get it for $16 on and the library wants $24 because that's what they paid for it but good grief, why is the library paying cover price for books?

The reason you can't just replace the book at 67% of what the library paid for it because what if the library doesn't want to replace the book and wants to use the money for something else? OK, so what do they do with old books they don't want to replace? They sell them at the library book sale for $3, so if all they could have gotten for this book was $3, then why do I have to pay $24?

A cat waiting hopefully at the meat vendor in the Fez medina.

You see my dilemma. I argued with two librarians, then asked to speak to someone higher up. I didn't argue very hard, because I have to admit I definitely get my money's worth from the library and the book was water damaged (how? how??) on my watch, but still, I don't want to pay $24 to own a book I didn't even like.

Finally, I got a supervisor in tech services and she said that yes, they would be replacing the book (I didn't tell her it was bad and not to bother because I am not that generous and selfless) and yes, she would make an exception and let me buy the book rather than give them the money.

So for someone who saves me $8, I make cookies. And sample along the way because how awful would it be to give somebody bad cookies?


LPC said...

This one is easy. The librarian came to your house AND SPRAYED THE BOOK so they could claim $24. It's kind of like commodities trading. Arbitrage. Very high level.

TosaGuy said...

Did you offer to buy them a nice used book on Amazon for $8 bucks and call it even?

Doubt they would do that, but it would be fun watching a librarian's head explode when confronted with a concept that they would not understand.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading both of your blogs for a while. Lately I'm getting turned off by the snarkiness of your writing and that in your regular readers' comments.

The library's cost in providing you books and other materials FOR FREE is much more than the cost of the individual book. "But I pay taxes!" I see you whine all the time. That doesn't give you the right to ruin a book that others may want to read, whether you like that book or not. The person who ruins the book that belongs to the community must pay TO REPLACE THE BOOK, which is more than the cost of the book itself.

You appear to understand basic accounting and finance when it's personal, but it's conveniently forgotten when it doesn't support your "rant of the day".

And TosaGuy: how many librarians do you personally know? I know several and they sre some of the smartest people I know. You are mean for insulting librarians. LIBRARIANS, for Christ's sake!