Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday photos

I took my mom and Bonnie who has the great lake house* that she and her husband Gary ("Is the wine OK?") have been gracious enough to invite us to several times to Old World Wisconsin yesterday.

This photo of buttons in the general store is for Lucy who has been making cool things with buttons.

We walked and sweltered in the Wisconsin heat around the old German farmhouse with the black kitchen and chatted with other visitors, one of whom grew up on a farm and talked about having to clean cat poop out of the grain before getting the grain ready for planting. I suppose cat poop is better than no grain, which is what you get with rats and mice.

The gunpowder is conveniently located next to the rolling pins.

We also saw the Norwegian homestead, where the owner got rich during the Civil War because he had sheep and at the time, wool sold for about the same price as an acre of farmland. (No cotton from the South, wool the substitute, army uniforms, etc, etc.)

Rope. Obviously.

I would link to my post and photos from last year when SH and I went to OWW, but journalspace lost four years of blogging, including that post.

A device to torture women.

* It's nice to have nice friends who own a lake house.

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