Friday, July 24, 2009

Chats du jour: Starving

Yes, we torture our animals by starving them, even after the daily Desperation Escalation that starts at 3:30, which includes Shirley lifting her foot to look cute, cocking her head and making her eyes big, and goes until 4:45, at which point the cats surrender, exhausted, starving, convinced that despite their crying and showing us where the food is ("Here! In this cupboard! Open it!") that they will never be fed again, and flop onto the floor, too hungry to move.

Shirley enjoys the crumbs from the rhubarb bars and the juice left in the Tupperware from the one brat left from last night.

There, they contemplate silently the injustice of a universe where SH and I eat baklava in front of them and try the salsa Kim and Luke brought for us (salsa of the same kind that we bought the last time we were in San Francisco and did not refrigerate because it was in a Mason jar with a canning seal and then when we went two days later to pack it for the plane, had converted into a man-eating bubbling gassy mass that had popped the lid off the jar and no, the restaurant would not give me my money back which ticked me off to no end because nowhere had they advised me to refrigerate the product and it looked shelf stable so what would you have done if you were in a hotel and not at home with a fridge?) rather than feed them. How cruel is it that we eat without sharing? Do we have a moral right to that which we would deny others? are the questions that pass between them.

Then we feed them and they eat, Laverne wolfing her food down in about two minutes and Shirley chewing each bite 30 times and then batting her kibble around some to make it more fun. Laverne watches for a chance to steal some of Shirley's food, but she can't do it while I watch or at least she has learned not to do it while I watch and I watch all the time now.

And as soon as I leave the kitchen, Shirley looks for food to steal, which is why we keep the bread in the microwave and usually don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.

This should have been with the yellow photos.

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