Thursday, July 09, 2009

Chats du jour: What's yours is mine

See this bed? See how big it is? Do you think there is enough room for one woman and two cats?

So where do you think the cats want to sleep? On the end where they usually sleep during the day when they are making no contribution whatsoever to this household on a bedspread they did not pay for on a bed they did not pay for in a house they did not pay for and just shedding enough to make a new cat?


On one of the extra pillows, available in SH's absence?


They want to be on the blanket I had on my feet (it was chilly last night).

But they want to be not just on the blanket but on my feet.

Thus pinning me into one position for the entire night.

Except for when I got up to pee, at which point they moved into my foot space and got mad if I tried to put my feet back.

Note that these are the cats who don't want to sit on my lap or even on my feet while I watch TV or read a book.

You know.

When it would be convenient for me.


LPC said...

Yeah. My son slept on my head when he was a baby. Not comfortable.

AKJ said...

Cats can sense hatred. But that usually makes them jump and sleep on you because it bugs you and makes them feel superior

Lena said...

Your cats and my cats must have gone to the same school or something!!!
I can find no other explanation!!! LOL!!!