Friday, July 03, 2009

Fashion I do not understand

So what was the point of the tattoos I saw on the young woman at Summerfest? She had "2+2=4" on the back of her neck. Was this a math lesson for the benefit of those standing behind her in the beer line? Was this an equation she had trouble remembering? Or that she thought other people have a problem remembering?

She also had "HERBIVORE" tattooed vertically down her left calf. At first, SH and I speculated that it was because "herbivore" is shorter than "vegetarian," but then we wondered, well, why not, "vegan," then? As SH and I are committed omnivores, we don't care about the subtle nuance between vegan and vegetarian and the internecine conflict within the non-meat eating group. Maybe she really is an herbivore but not a vegetarian and not a vegan because listen, sister, there are BIG differences between these groups and don't you forget it.

Her date made her pay for her own beer. Which was appropriate for a committed feminist herbivore.

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