Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gracious hostess #24

What I intended to do with my sister:

Go to the fancy Goodwill place
Go to the Milwaukee Public Market and sample cheese, frozen custard and whatever else
Go to the advertising museum
Have coffee on the lakefront
Play tennis

Yes, my sister had a matching pink velvet jumper that my mother made. I don't know why she's not wearing it.

What we did:

Went to Kohl's for underwear
Changed the sheets in the guest room
Baked a cake
Made a casserole
Washed the kitchen floor
Finished loading the dishwasher

Probably the last time I wore a 2-piece
Both photos by my mom.


LPC said...

Aren't sisters the best ever?

Bohemiandoc said...

OMG, Miss J Mert looks the cutest ever in that photo. She has barely changed at all-- I'd recognize her anywhere!

AKJ said...

You are definetly styling like Jan and Cindy Brady with your short jumper and high knee socks.

Anonymous said...

So what was the high point of that activity list? Shopping at Kohl's for underwear? I thought you bought yours at Target.

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

What cutie pies. I had that same 2 piece bathing suit, I swear!

class-factotum said...

L, yes indeed. And I have a great sister.

Doc, Jen has not changed at all.

Anita, we were the bomb.

Anon, my sister buys her underwear at Kohl's. I am loyal to Target.

Maureen, that suit is a classic.