Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's about darn time



LPC said...

Haha. We are entering the second half of summer out here in California.

Jill said...

Mine were recently attacked by giant horned green monster catepillars!

Danielle Pouliot said...

Lovely; both the photograph and the tomatoes. I'm afraid I have the opposite of a green thumb -- it's all I can do to keep my house plants alive :-/

class-factotum said...

LPC, I would be happy to have our first half of summer.

Jill, as far as I'm concerned, pesticides should be strong enough to kill rabbits and squirrels. Why aren't scientists working on THAT?

Thanks, Danielle. I am awful with houseplants as well, but my mother (who has not just green thumbs but a green body) insists on giving them to me.