Sunday, July 26, 2009

Loose lips

When I was in college, my friend Anita's out-of-town boyfriend would surprise her with occasional visits. Eric would call our other friends and me to make sure that Anita would be free. He would caution us not to spoil the surprise. Heather and Rene could keep their mouths shut, but I would be so excited on Anita's behalf that I would make sly references to the upcoming event, despite the glares that Heather would be shooting my way. Eventually, Eric et al stopped telling me when he was coming because I kept spoiling the surprise.

If you are my good friend for 22 years like Lenore and you have a party for your 50th birthday, you can expect a fabulous present like 50 ounces of chocolate. I had thought maybe 50 pounds, but then realized chocolate does not weigh as much as I thought.

I have since learned to keep my mouth shut.

We ate at a tapas restaurant in Chicago. I had way more than my share of serrano ham, but still not enough to make up for the $100 worth of serrano ham that SH and I brought back from Spain in 2006 that Customs snatched from us. Jerks.

Yesterday we attended a surprise birthday party for my friend Lenore. Her husband Rob called us over a month ago to arrange the party and I did not breathe a word of it to Lenore. I even called her on Tuesday -- her actual birthday -- and kept my cool during our 34-minute conversation, even when she told me that Rob was taking her out to dinner on Saturday. I didn't hint that I would see her then. I told her I would wait until I saw her to give her her present and I didn't say, "And that will be sooner than you think!" I didn't ask, "Isn't anyone giving you a party?"

To make up for my ham consumption, I took it easy on the shrimp.

I was so good. She didn't suspect a thing, or, if she did, it wasn't because I had spilled the beans.

Shockingly, SH and I are not that hungry this morning. I don't know if all the pork, beef, shrimp, ham, and bacon had anything to do with it.

I hope I get to spend my 50th birthday with good friends like Lenore and good food like we had.


LPC said...

Yum. Or as they say these days, Om nom nom.

AKJ said...

I don't remember you spoiling a visit from Eric. I do remember you eating all my mother's brownies when I went to visit him.

class-factotum said...

Your mother's brownies are awesome. I can't be held responsible for something like that. Nobody can resist Mrs G's brownies.