Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 193: Love all

At our tennis class, which we normally attend on Saturday morning and went this Saturday morning even though we had been up late the night before at the Tom Jones concert and we did not want to get up early to play tennis but we paid for this darnit but then when we got there, the teachers didn't have any balls and couldn't get anyone from the Rec Dept to come unlock the storage area and of course you can't let the teachers have a key what are you thinking so we had to go to Tuesday night's class instead.

We have had a crash course in serving, which Saturday class has not done yet (we are two classes behind Tuesday because of 4th of July and the no-balls fiasco). We are playing doubles with the other Saturday guy and the teacher.

SH: We might actually win a game.

Me: Yeah but it doesn't count if we win just because Ming couldn't make a single serve.

SH: Sure it does. That's how they beat us when you were serving.

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