Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 42: Dating and multitasking, or, The shallow end of the dating pool

A friend had this exchange with a guy at an online dating site:

Him: I have a substantial income. You can clean for reimbursement.

Me: Hahahaha

Him: I am serious.

Me: So I would be your live-in maid?

Him: No, my girlfriend.

Me: I appreciate the offer, but as we've yet to... oh, go on a date, I think the idea of being a live-in girlfriend is a little reckless and absurd.

Him: Maybe we should go on a date and see what happens.

Is it that hard to find good help these days? Or is it that hard to find a good girlfriend? I have so many questions about this substantial income guy and his love/cleaning difficulties.

PS Yes, she told him to get lost.

PPS Yes, she can do way better than this guy. She is funny, smart, gorgeous. She is out of his league.


LPC said...

At least he set clear expectations.

Bohemiandoc said...

Those words-- "substantial income", "clean for reimbursement"-- sounds as if English is not his first language. That is just really creepy. Sounds like human slavery to me. Glad she ran away.

Anonymous said...

She should have got all the facts first before rejecting, like how much compensation? Could have been a really good deal.

Perhaps not.

Jill said...

Every husband I've had learned right from the beginning that my housekeeper comes with me. The Rules regarding me are set in stone.