Saturday, July 11, 2009

The night it rained panties

Tom Jones is still. Smoking. Hot. He can sing. He can sing circles around the popular pantywaist whiners out there in their torn jeans and ironic t-shirts.

He started with songs from his new album, which I didn't care about, but then sang "Delilah" and everyone sang with him, making me wonder if he liked that or not and if he was tired of singing the same old songs. It was during "Delilah" that the panties started to fly. No, I didn't take a pair with me to throw because that would be wasteful and, apparently, unoriginal.

There were only a few new songs that I liked. This was one of them. I don't know if it's a cover. He also sang a Howling Wolf Song, but said he was 200 pounds of natural delight, not 300.

Do you think Jones is flattered that a bunch of middle-aged women are throwing their undies at him? Several women went up to the stage because they couldn't throw from further back and because they wanted to be closer to him. A few women took him roses. Security didn't quite know what to do with these ladies standing at the foot of the stage, holding out their flowers while he sang. "She reminds me of my 7th-grade English teacher," they were thinking. "I can't push her away from the stage."

The first woman just laid her rose on the stage after security made her step back. Jones hadn't seen her holding the rose, but blew a kiss to her as she walked away. Later in the concert, Jones took the second and third roses from the fans and put them back on the dais where the brass section stood. That was when the first rose lady walked up to the stage and yanked her rose back off, taking it with her to her seat. Maybe she thought he didn't treat her flower with enough respect.

This was his closing song. Again, I didn't like most of the covers he did -- "Fly Me to the Moon" is not a good song for him and let Jerry Lee Lewis sing Jerry Lee Lewis songs, but he was great on this one.

Security had to distinguish between crazed fans walking slowly to the stage and the waitresses who walked up and down the aisles taking drink orders during the concert. Of course you can drink in the theater. You can't smoke IN A BAR* in Wisconsin, but God forbid anybody be cut off from alcohol for a second.

* Starting next summer.

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Marta said...

I would go see Tom Jones, mostly because he's iconic and also to witness the "panty rain."

(Speaking of icons...I saw Michael Jackson in 1988, before he looked like Diana Ross.)