Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday photos

SH and I went to the circus grounds yesterday. Apparently, most of this stuff is from the Circus Museum in Baraboo and we could have gotten in free to the museum because it is run by the Wisconsin Historical Society, which I just joined, but then we would have had to drive up to Baraboo and I don't even like the 20 minutes it takes to get to Trader Joe's and they have good bargains, so driving a couple of hours just to go to a museum probably wasn't going to happen.

So the museum came to us and it was free. All we had to do was find parking, which is never easy in downtown Milwaukee, at least if you are like us and see paying for parking as almost morally wrong. Are we not, as Americans, entitled to free parking whenever and wherever we want it? But we found it and didn't have to walk that far, although I had worn sandals that were on the edge of being Sensible Shoes, so a long walk would not have been that terrible.

We saw this clown later with an older woman who I think might have been his wife. They were each carrying a cup of coffee. He kept trying to drink his coffee, but kids kept stopping him and their parents wanted to take his photo with their kids. He was a Happy Clown and not a Mean Clown so he took it all in stride.

There were a bunch of old organs that had been restored and were playing. Some of them were almost 100 years old, which maybe isn't that old in organ years. Maybe organs are the opposite of dogs and a 100-year-old organ is just 14 in human years.

This is the back of one of the organs. We were both interested in the front with the cymbal-playing cherubs and the painted ladies but this was even cooler to an engineer and a process improvement person. Those of you who had programming in high school or who had Comp 201: does this remind you of anyone and his programmable loom?

Ah. Shoes. The way to a woman's heart.

"Look at all the breasts!" I said to SH. "What breasts?" he answered. "Aren't those bells cool?" Yes. My husband is a machinery nerd.

I took several shots here, including some with the Milwaukee skyline in the background, but none of those were worthwhile. Sometimes even the ability to take as many photos as your batteries will allow and to heck with the cost! doesn't mean you'll get the shot you want. Sometimes, you are facing west at 7:00 p.m. and there's just nothing to be done.

I will leave you to supply your own caption on this one. BTW. This is not the horse photo SH wanted me to post. These are Percherons, which are huge horses, and one of them -- a male -- was thinking happy thoughts if you know what I mean and I think you do. But this is a family blog.

More shoes, but also reminiscent of certain celebrity mothers who have litters.

Elephant poop is not very big, or, at least, it is not the same proportion to body size as human poop is to our body size. Who knew? But don't you know that the guys who have to shovel it up are grateful?

Essay question for 15 points: What are the ethics of leaving some lawn chairs on the sidewalk the day before the circus parade and expecting that to serve as a dibs for your space? If you get to the parade route an hour before the parade and all the good spots are taken and you see that there are unoccupied chairs bounded with duct tape that says "Reserved for the Meyers!" do you have to respect that reserving or is it a public sidewalk paid for with your tax money dammit and if the Meyers wanted that space, they should have sat their butts down there before you arrived?


the Preppy Princess said...

Oh Miss Factotum, you are too funny, the horse thinking 'happy thoughts,' thank heaven you protected us from anything more graphic. (Heh-heh.)

The Meyers should not anticipate their seats shall be in the precise spot where left; we're of the 'get there earlier' mindset.

Thanks for such a fun post and all the pix!

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Great photos; looks like tons of fun. But I think the Meyers were mighty presumptuous with the lawn chair bit...
And love love LOVE those kitty photos.

class-factotum said...

I'm so glad to know that my smart readers agree with me on the Meyers question. Honestly. You cannot dibs a public space like that!

Maureen, I try not to go on too much about the cats but they do crack me up.