Friday, July 17, 2009

Say it ain't so

In keeping with the "I was sorry for myself that I did not have $150 Goodwill price so can you imagine what they cost retail brand-new white knee-high Italian leather boots until I met a man who had no leg" theme, my mom sent me this photo.


You'll notice the guy seated on the left has a wooden leg and there is not a shoe attached to it. Would only having to buy one shoe make up a little bit for not having a leg? Doubt it and I don't think Nordstrom's was around at the that time so he would have probably had to buy both shoes anyhow and what do you do with the extra shoe? I would be ticked off about 1) not having a leg and 2) still having to buy the shoe.

The man on the right is my great grandfather. He is smoking. While he is sitting next to a dog and to a disabled person. Thank goodness people are more informed these days. At least there were no children there. I might never have been born if my mom had been exposed to second-hand smoke.


Anonymous Mother said...

Grandpa has a pipe in his mouth on almost EVERY photo I have of him! If and when I encounter anyone smoking cherry tobacco (which rarely happens anymore), I am instantly reminded of him--and in a pleasant way.

I was exposed to PLENTY of second-hand smoke, since my father smoked from the time he was 17 until the mid-1980's at which time he "quit" (except for the times the neighbors tell me about when he sneaked around the corner of the house out of Grandma's sight.)

class-factotum said...

And yet you lived to tell the tale!