Monday, July 06, 2009

The truth about cats and dogs, #477

Friends' daughter: I was hungry but I didn't have an appetite.

SH: That's impossible.

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but it has something to do with what my friend the Bodacious Red-headed Pediatrician is writing about on her excursion to Israel.

Me: No it's not.

SH: If you are hungry, by definition you have an appetite. They're the same thing.

FD: No, they're not. You can be hungry but not want to eat.

Me: That's right. Hunger is when your stomach is empty and your blood sugar is low. Appetite is the desire to eat. They are not necessarily connected. I have an appetite almost all the time but that doesn't mean I'm hungry.

FD: And I can be hungry but have no appetite.

Now I remember where I took these photos. SH and I went to Huntsville to the Space Museum last year right before I sold my Memphis house. One of the first things I do on any trip is look for The Facilities. Imagine my chagrin at finding the Ladies' to be in disarray. And yes, I did look for the display on How do the astronauts use the toilet in space. Doesn't everyone want to know that?

Me: That almost never happens with me, but I have heard of this phenomenon.

SH: That's just crazy. How can you be hungry but not want to eat?

Me: You're a guy. You don't get it.

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Elizabeth said...

HA! I used to have to explain the concept of "too hungry to eat" to an ex of mine. He refused to believe it was possible.