Monday, August 03, 2009

Don't ask me how I know #949

When you are visiting your friends Bonnie and Gary at their lake house, do not become infatuated with their very cool Italian coffee machine and make and drink four cappuccinos in 20 minutes.

You may, however, share this 7-layer cake at the Kohler chocolate shop -- yes, someone in this company said, "I want to open a chocolate shop" and the big money guy, who is not at all beholden to Wall Street, said, "OK sure. How much do you need?" and then there was chocolate -- with Bonnie and with your husband.


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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! The Kohler Chocolate web-site makes the goodies look so amazing!!! (Talk about 'sticker shock' however....) White-Chocolate

Anonymous Mother said...

Have you gotten to sleep YET???