Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going to the fair

Of course we could not take the shuttle to the fair as my friend Lois recommended because that would be trusting the driving to someone else and turning over control of the process. Instead, we relied on our old favorite: driving around in search of a free, close parking space before surrendering and paying $5 to park on someone's lawn and walking half a mile to the gate, which, as SH pointed out, was $1 cheaper than taking the shuttle would have been.

I love capitalism and entrepreneurship. I am not going to pay $1 for a bottle of water, but someone will.

I also love the Holstein garbage cans.

And the guys sleeping under cows.

The chocolate-covered bacon on a stick was delicious. Absolutely delicious. I ate only one of the two for $3 that I got. SH tried a bite and didn't like it which was fine with me because I did not want to share.

More entrepreneurship and creativity: a beer opener on a hat. I love this country.

I really love this country.

I'm sure a grilled cheese would be delicious, but I don't go to the fair for food I can make at home. Instead, our first stop was for the fried macaroni and cheese on a stick. Then we had corn on the cob. I had the bacon. We finished with, of course, the cream puffs.

The kids' barn with the baby animals has the best displays.

Ah Senator Kohl. At least you do something for the people of Wisconsin. A glass of milk for 25 cents. I suppose that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. And you have never left any young women to drown in your car as far as we know. It could be a lot worse.


Lind said...

Oh, I love your take on all things Milwaukee. The city is so corny, yet so charming. Thanks for portraying it so well.

TosaGuy said...

i wanted to try the chocolate bacon but the line was crazy long when I was there.

SH said...

TosaGuy, the line moved very fast. CF didn't want to wait, but the wait ended up being less than two minutes.

class-factotum said...

Thank you, Lind. I like it here in the summer a lot. Winter, not so much. But you couldn't ask for nicer people.

TG, the chocolate bacon was worth the wait, although you could just make it at home. My criticism is that there was too much chocolate for the bacon -- yes, I want a balance of flavors and the chocolate overwhelmed the bacon-ness. If you make it at home, you can also peel off the fat before you en-chocolate the bacon, although then you will face accusations of being a Bad Bacon Eater and will just further the dislike of someone who cannot be named here.

Anonymous Mother said...

Anyone eating chocolate coated bacon need NOT be concerned about removing a little fat!!!

Anonymous Mother said...

In keeping with the "spirit" of that sign, why not "Pork it here, pig it up LARDER"?