Friday, August 21, 2009

The Good Socks

Years ago, Juanderlust's sister in law, Marsha, who is wonderful --

Let's just pause here and think about how nice it would be to be able to keep the families of former boyfriends in our lives. Juanderlust's family is fabulous. FABULOUS. (Explains why he is fabulous as well.) I lurved them. I miss them. If only there were some kind of in-law choice program that would let us keep those great people.

Cute little old Italian guy in a North End bakery in Boston.

Anyhow. At Christmas one year, Marsha gave me socks. Now, that family has a tradition of giving odd but useful gifts (I actually used the small clips and of course I still have the mega super-duper Swiss Army knife Juanderlust got me as a joke but was even better than the earrings that were my real present), but I still thought, "Socks? Socks?!"

"These are special socks," she assured me. They were the Good Socks.

And man if she wasn't right. Have you ever worn Thorlo socks? It's like you are getting a foot massage while you attempt to run a mile. They are the best socks in the world.

Just goes to show you can be a smart person in Cambridge and still be dumb as a post.

Well, my TJMaxx socks have gotten threadbare and seeing as my hobby as a gold-digger is spending SH's money, I thought I would buy some new athletic socks. The Marsha Thorlos have worn out after just seven years.

So I went to the google to seek more Thorlos.

They cost $12.99.

A pair.

I can get four pair of Gold Toe socks from Target for $7.99.

How much are my feet worth?

What do you think? Do I get the Good Socks?


MrScribbler said...

Re: socks...I have bought socks from WallyMart and from Big-Name Shoe Stores. It's a matter of 10 pairs from $7.00 (roughly) versus two pair for $5.00.

Guess what? The cheapies lasted about as long as lashing roadkill to your feet. The 'spensive socks went a lot farther. And were more comfortable, too.

BTW: At first, I thought the photo was of good ol' Juan himself. Then I noticed he wasn't holding a harp.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

If they are the best sox and feel that good, they're worth it!

julie said...

I'd get the good ones - I invested in some good winter socks at Sherpers & it was well worth the $. The comfort shoe store Footprints in Delafield will occasionally send out a tweet (footprints4you) to come in & get a free pair of Smartwool socks - got mine on Sunday, a $16 value!

Bohemiandoc said...

DO you really have to ask? Amortizing the cost of the socks shows how long they last and how inexpensive they really are. It's good to have at least a couple of good pairs, and then fill out with the cheapies.

Joanna said...

Definitely, i have 4 pair Thorlos, and wouldn't trade them for anything. Ever. Period. Your feet are more important than you'll ever dream ....