Friday, August 28, 2009

Madeline Island 1

SH and my uncle Denny argue about politics but agree about steaks.

We are here and have almost no internet. SH drove into town (8 miles away) last night at midnight to get online and worked until 3 a.m. because he got an email yesterday morning about our trip to England next week and had to get everything resolved, so he was a little bit cranky. Justifiably so, if you ask me. What part of "out of office" emails do people not understand?

We spent the Tuesday night with Gary and Bonnie at their lake house. Wednesday night with my aunt and uncle in Medford, with a visit after to my cousins at the sausage plant. Angie took SH and me shopping in the walk-in freezer and SH didn't want to put on the parka she offered. She shrugged her shoulders and we walked into the freezer. Which is a freezer. A device that freezes food. SH, in his shorts and thin shirt, exclaimed, "It's cold!" and left, which meant I alone had to decide which brats, sausages, rolls and freezer jams I wanted to take. All of them, but that would have been greedy. So I didn't. Plus we didn't have room.

The ferry terminal at Bayfield.

Oh no! Guns!

At my aunt and uncle's, we slept in the guest room/gun room. SH slept next to the guns. It was very difficult for a committed liberal/anti-gun-rights person to be so close to bitter clinger acoutrements, but he survived. Plus my aunt and uncle are so nice and were already predisposed to like SH because he is my husband and how could I make a bad decision and then of course after they spent some time with him, really liked him. The cognitive dissonance for a sometimes liberal though. "They have guns! But they're sooo nice! And they seem intelligent! It doesn't fit!"

My aunt also gave me a bunch of freezer jam -- strawberry and raspberry, so I don't have to share with SH.

Making challah with Ilene.

Finished product.

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