Friday, August 14, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 323: Out, damned spot! out, I say!

SH: Oh, no!

Me: What?

My sister got an early start.

SH: You have laundry in the sink! I can't brush my teeth!

We have four sinks in this house and two bathtubs. Yes, the downstairs bathroom is where we traditionally brush our teeth, but the kitchen sink is a mere 20 feet away. I have brushed my teeth in the kitchen sink when SH has been shaving at the bathroom sink.

Brushing one's teeth in the kitchen sink is not as gross as what my brother and his roommates did their freshman year at Texas A&M, where my brother had joined the Corps because joining the Marines was his other option after he and my sister, in our parents' absence that summer, threw a big beer bash in which one guest locked himself in the bathroom, turned the showerhead pointing out of the tub, and ran it for half an hour, thus soaking the entire bathroom and the four walls and the contents on the other side, which included bookshelves, carpet, and stuff stored in a closet. The freshmen cadets were required to dress in their uniforms to leave their rooms, even at night to go to the bathroom, so the sink in their room was re-purposed at times. You figure it out.

Me: I'll move it. I thought you were upstairs for a while with your conference call.

SH: A sink is supposed to be used for what a sink is used for.

Me: And one of those things is soaking laundry.

At least I am using the right place.

Both photos by the Big Factotum.


Anonymous Mother said...

SH is right--poetic license has been activated...

Joining the Corp was CF's brother's idea (although the described shower episode did happen--with brand new carpet).

Let it be known that CF had WALKED about 7', out of the bathroom and into the hallway, when the potty chair picture was taken. Don't know what had happened to the "potty" part.

CF, WHATEVER "I" DID to cause your toilet fixation, I'M SORRY!!!

class-factotum said...

That's what Dad told me when I asked why Greg never got punished for that party. He said, "We told him he could join the Marines or the Corps." I stand by my story. :)

Anonymous said...

Nope.The only punishment Jenny and I received was a "we expected more from you". BTW....a statement like that has quite a bit of power...but can probably only be used limited times.

I chose to go into the corps mostly because i was lazy and poor. Lazy in that I hadn't found a place to live and poor cause the dorms in the corp were the cheapest option. Dad probably did want me to join the corps and I suspect helped my decision, but was not related to the part in any way.


class-factotum said...

I stand corrected by the sources.