Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 428: Doesn't like surprises

Dialogue 1:
Me: The people down the street are re-doing their yard and I got the extra dirt!

SH: What?!

Me: Yeah, they're even bringing it over here.

SH: What? Where? Stop!

Me: There -- on the flowerbeds.

SH: Wait! Why?

Me: Because nothing will germinate there and I think it's because there's almost no topsoil.

SH: But! But!

Me: Do you know how much dirt costs? Do you know what a pain in the neck it is to either get it delivered or to buy it by the bag and then bring it home?

SH: Wait!

Me: This is free. I gave the guy some zucchini bread and some pear bread and I'm going to give him a ten, but we still come out way ahead.


Dialogue 2
Me: The people down the street are re-doing their yard and I got the extra dirt!

SH: So?

Me: Yeah, I've been looking into getting more dirt for the flowerbeds and I saw these guys working and asked if they had gotten dirt delivered and if they needed it all and if not, could I buy some and they told me this was extra dirt they were removing before re-sodding and I could just have it for free.

SH: Wow, honey, that's great!

Me: It is! Do you know how much dirt costs and what a pain it is to get it?

SH: No, my darling, I do not, but I trust you completely to make the right decisions about our yard. After all, my recent housing experiences have been an apartment since I moved to Milwaukee and then a townhouse when I was married to Imelda, so gardening and landscaping are really not within my experience. Besides, you always make good decisions, especially when it comes to ways that we can save my hard-earned money. I thought those free shelves that our neighbor was throwing away were a stupid idea, but once we cleaned the rust from them and I tightened the bolts, they were just fine. I was wrong about the shelves. I will never question your judgment again.

Me: I gave the guy some zucchini bread.

SH: That's a good idea. You make delicious zucchini bread and my goodness, it's not like we don't have enough zucchini!


LPC said...

Modeling good behavior is a strong strategy.

Richard in NY said...

So which dialog was the real one?


Jeff Abbott said...

I look forward to your upcoming book, "I Married an Engineer".