Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 581: Being and time

This photo has nothing to do with the subject but I like the Kopp's cows. Today, we get tiramisu custard from both Oscar's and Kopp's. All in the interests of science, of course. Which store makes the better tiramisu frozen custard? I will let you know.

SH: Look! It's 6:06. I said we would leave at 6:00 and we're leaving at 6:06. We're on time.

Little kids at the fair. This is actually from last year. The kids this year were much bigger.

Yes. We are on time -- almost -- in SH's world. "Everything should start five minutes late," he says. "That would allow for people like me." I tell him that soon, the people like him would arrive ten minutes late and would make ten minutes late the new five minutes late. He scoffs at me. "You're obsessed. John was right about you. I'm going to start calling you 'Tammy Timex.'"

"Tammy Timex" was Harpo's nickname for me. He wrote (click on the link for the full story),

If I am late, Tammy Timex will be fuming as she does whenever anyone is late. She won't say,"hey you are late therefore you ain't". But she'll think it. I know this. I can read minds. Occasionally. She will also be thinking, "I'm on time, therefore I am." That is her proof that she exists.

Cream puffs at the state fair. Don't you wish you were in Wisconsin, land of full-fat dairy products? You have to die from something. You might as well be well-fed when you go.

Whatever. I do not point out to SH that he is not on time, even by his own five-minute standard. Indeed, we are 20% late.

Piglets at the state fair.


Anonymous said...

15 minutes early is 'on time'....being right on time is 'late'!!!

class-factotum said...

Anon, I agree. SH was very concerned yesterday because the city engineer was supposed to come look at our basement at 1:30 and he (SH) was worried the engineer would show up early. "This is Wisconsin," he moaned. "They're always early."