Sunday, August 16, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 782: Save big money at Menard's, part 54

SH: I got these batteries at Menard's. They were on sale.

SH teases me about shopping at Goodwill, but he is a marketing department's dream. Give him a coupon, a rebate or a sale and he is in heaven. It's a deal. I have to be careful when I sort through the mail and throw away the junk -- we got rebate checks all the time that look like solicitations. Oh hey hunger appeal people? Telling us this is our Second Notice! is not making me more inclined to send money. And National Wildlife Federation? Please keep sending us calendars. Sure, we don't need five copies of a 2010 calendar, but I worked for a paper company and have a defined benefit pension with them, so I am all about other people using paper. Not me. I don't waste. But you go ahead.

Me: Those are the crap store brand batteries. I hate those. They don't work. Why did you get them?

SH: We can use them in the smoke detector.

Me: We're going to die.


Ptolemy said...

Full-blooded Duracells in OUR smoke detectors in the town featured in that photo! ;-)

Richard in NY said...

Did he really want to put them in the smoke detector, or was that a creative embellishment?


SH said...

I really do intend to use the batteries in our smoke detectors. They are much less than half the price of Duracell or Energizer batteries, but they'll certainly last significantly more than half as long. (They are alkaline batteries, not the really lousy ones which are called "heavy duty.") Smoke detectors are designed to beep when their batteries need to be replaced, so there will be no fire hazard.

Richard in NY said...

I use lithium batteries in safety gear. You should probably replace the alkalines twice a year regardless of the brand.


Ptolemy said...

Ah, but the beeping... OH, the beeping! When you have beep detecting dogs that alert you to the beeping at 2 AM, and the beeping is only intermittent and so you spend many minutes trying to pin down which of the many possible smoke detectors it is that is making the terrifying (to the dogs) beeping noise based on hearing only one beep every couple of minutes... Then a very, VERY long lasting battery is MUCH appreciated! ;-) On the other hand... If you actually replace the batteries on a schedule, such as twice as a year as was suggested, then an inexpensive battery will be FINE, I'm sure!

class-factotum said...

P, that is a lovely town! I wish we could return. And 2 a.m. beeping with dogs? What a nightmare!

Richard, fortunately, I am married to a very conscientious man -- who does not mind being my straight man. :)

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say "deal"????