Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 785: Fashion

My friend Lois and I are both married to fashion-forward men who take great risks with their wardrobes. Look. Each closet contains at least two shirts that aren't blue. Or white.

I am married to an engineer.

Lois is married to a surgeon.

PS The non-blue/white shirts? Lois and I had to buy them. SH took them under duress, telling me that they would look horrible on him. They don't. They look great. Lois said her husband fought the pink, but now will hardly wear anything else.


Anonymous said...

Just look at all the patterns in SH's wardrobe...he's a WILD man!!! White-Chocolate

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

My ex is an engineer. Boring closet as well. Pants too.
That first closet picture was enough to make me jealous. What's it like to be with a guy who wears cool clothes??

LPC said...

If he were a real engineer he would keep all his clothes in suit bags on hangers.

class-factotum said...

WC, SH does like his patterns! I really like the shirt with the little blue targets on it.

Maureen, it is great to be with such a stylish man, but he puts me to shame in my gym and gardening clothes frumpiness.

LPC, I have had to wrench those suit bags out of his tight, engineer grip. The shirts weren't bagged, but the suits were and I had to invoke Martha Stewart to get him to get rid of them. It's not all roses chez CF, you know.

LPC of Privilege said...

Invoking MS? She who shall not be named? Oh god. That is serious.