Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday report

SH and I leave tomorrow morning for England and Germany. He has to go there for work. Really, he does. It's not like earlier in the year when I announced that we were going to England and Egypt and then we didn't go. We leave tomorrow.

AND I get to fly first class because it was going to be 110,000 miles for a coach ticket and 135,000 for first class and who knows what United will be doing with its miles program in the future so why not use them up? I will sit in the seat on the way over and SH will sit in it on the way back.

I will get to go into the fancy lounge in Frankfurt, where I will fill my purse with those little Nutellas.

The best part is we will get to see my friends Debbie and Dominic from grad school who live in London. I am sad that I won't see my friend Heidi* from grad school in Germany, but she lives five hours from Munich. I am also sad that SH will not be able to go on the BMW factory tour. I tried to get us in for next Friday, but it is full.

* Her favorite thing about Germany so far (she moved there last year with her husband, who is in the air force) is that everyone knows how to spell her name.

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