Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Old stuff

I have a lot of my very old posts from journalspace archived. The last time I did a backup was in August 2006. Yes. That was three years ago. And then journalspace lost everything in December 2008. Your math is correct. I had not backed up my archives in two years.

So. If you are interested in seeing the evolution of this blog, you may read some of my old posts here. I will be adding to the archive blog, but will probably leave out the political stuff I used to write about because it is not relevant and frankly, it's kind of dull.

Some history: at the time I started the blog, I was living in Memphis working for International Paper. I was dating a super guy known as Harpo in my blog and who now blogs as Juanderlust. I was obsessed with winning the Yard of the Month award from my neighborhood association.


Maureen at IslandRoar said...

The Yard of the Month award???
Did you ever get it??

LPC said...

Thanks for doing this!

class-factotum said...

Maureen, you will just have to keep reading. :)

LPC, you are most welcome. It is mostly out of laziness (posting old stuff rather than writing new stuff), but there is also a desire to get my archives back in a place where they are easy to get to.

John0 Juanderlust said...

word on the street has it you finally won the yard of the month from some worthy association, soon before you got out of that odd city.

class-factotum said...

John, I still have the award sign. It's in the garage and I see it every time I open the garage.