Monday, August 10, 2009


As we are walking into the Arab festival, we see a guy wearing an "Israel" t-shirt.

Me: I'm trying to decide which is worse: that I am taking pork and beans to get in or that you are wearing that t-shirt.

Him: I wore it on purpose.

Me: Right on.

I don't speak Arabic. Any translation?

They were smoking. Oh no. Miller Lite was the official beer of the festival. Somehow, I don't think pork was a real problem. This is Wisconsin. We put bacon in everything. (We go to the fair on Wednesday and my first stop is going to be the chocolate-covered bacon. And yes, the chocolate-bacon cupcakes I made were delicious.)

Saw this on the way there.


Anonymous Mother said...

Tattoo translation--from right to left: "I was dumb enough to get a tattoo."

John0 Juanderlust said...

Maybe he overdid the hashish one night and is unaware that he has writing on his neck. I bet no one told him.

TosaGuy said...

In my year spent in Iraq I learned that all Muslim rules are meant to be broken and frequently are. They just claim "god's will" and carry on.

Its like confession in the Catholic Church, except without taking personal responsiblity for your actions. One's breaking of Islam's rules was "God's Will".

class-factotum said...

TG: Wow! That is an interesting interpretation of Inshallah! Where do I sign up?

John: That is actually a woman.

Mom: That is what every tattoo means.