Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chats du jour: Dainty eater

Shirley's latest conquest: the duct tape on the big TV box.

What Shirley "Oh no I couldn't possibly eat another bite of kibble" the Cat has killed on the counter or in the sink, dragged to the floor, and started eating in the past 36 hours:

1. Cantaloupe
2. The chocolate-chip coffee shortbread cookie* SH got out to go with his Never Enough Chocolate frozen custard** that he had left on the counter to thaw but covered because he knows Shirley is a food-stealing, earbud-eating stinker.
3. The dishwasher thingy with a sponge on the end and a handle that fills with detergent.

* This is the coffee cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking and it is awesome. It started me on my love affair with coffee last year. Now I am a two cup a day drinker. Perhaps I can get used to anything if it has enough sugar and fat mixed in. Is there such a thing as a merlot mocha with whipped cream?

** Yeah, I know we're supposed to be Cutting Back a Little because our pants are too tight (although winter is coming, so we need to keep a little layer on so we don't have to turn the heat so high), but SH claims that the rules don't apply when 1) he has had a hard day at work, 2) he has had a stressful phone call with his parents or 3) he has to call his ex-wife. Yesterday was a triple whammy.


LPC said...

I hope you had a lovely funeral for the dishwasher thingie.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Cookies and soapsuds; what ecclectic feline taste!