Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chats du jour: The eve of destruction, or, what's the lifespan of a cat?

Items destroyed yesterday while we were gone playing tennis (which was not very long because 1) we were tired from being up late with Dr J, who was in town and stayed with us and took us out to supper and who is so interesting and nice that it's difficult to tear away from the conversation and 2) we are really, really bad tennis players):

1. Butter dish, pushed off counter in an attempt to get to the one tablespoon of butter inside. Dish broken after falling butter-side down, which meant cats were thwarted in their attempt to get more dairy in their diet.

Items destroyed while we were at the play and then out to eat at the Lakefront Bistro, where we went with Cheeseguy and Doc last year on their quest to eat at every restaurant nominated for the James Beard Midwest Chef award (Lakefront's chef won) and where we got all kinds of special treatment because CG and Doc had mentioned in their reservation that they were coming all the way from Minneapolis just to eat at the Bistro. The Bistro is where we had considered having our wedding supper last year, but then it didn't work out*, but we still had a wonderful meal at Bayou.

1. Leftover Hilton chocolates from England that were minding their own business in a little paper box sitting next to the onions on the counter. These cats don't pay any rent or buy the food around here; I don't know what makes them think they deserve free chocolate.

2. One of the tomatoes from my garden. Yes, our cats are omnivores. Yes, I have three dozen tomatoes sitting out because I cannot give them away. I have asked. My neighbors, they do not want tomatoes. Do I start leaving them on doorsteps in the dead of night?

* In the Stories Not Safe to Post Yet category.

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