Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chats du jour: Goodbye

My friend from the gym, whom I shall not identify, just in case she does not wish to be named here, sent the obituary her daughter wrote about her cat:

Trinidad, beloved feline of Janna, passed suddenly and quickly on Thursday, September 24, 2009. First bestowed to Naomi. Reluctant housemate of Hannah, Audrey, Jennifer, Adam, while solely enchanted by Emily. Accomplished hunter of birds, mice, rabbits, cicadas, THE Easter bunny, moths and bats. Even at 12, or 13 or however old he was.

Archrival of Oreo, Memphis, Chester, Carl and other assorted neighborhood cats. Reformed troublemaker and lover to Zulu (Meghan). Friend to Buster Kitten, Lucy, Tigger, GracieCat and begrudgingly, Sanuk. Active neighborhood scout and welcome wagon. Understated companion, intuitive comforter and general good company.

Hobbies included: hunting, naps, licking yogurt containers, catting-out in raspberry patches, tuna water, trips to the garden, scamming wet cat food from strangers, chasing butterflies, feathers-on-a-stick, laps,marbles, paper bags. Leaves behind extremely distraught Janna, somewhat oblivious Sanuk, and Eric, who because of Trinidad, actually likes cats now.

If only he were wearing the TriniCam® now... Rest in Peace, Good Friend.

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Anonymous Mother said...

Awwww... Very nicely done.