Sunday, September 13, 2009


At O'Hare yesterday, waiting for our bus to Milwaukee, along with two other women.

Woman 1 [on phone]: Dr B? Italy...12 days...scabies.

SH: Oh no! Do we need to get away from this woman?

ME: I don't think so. I think scabies is like bedbugs.

SH: [steps away]

Woman 2, who arrived two minutes after W1 [on phone]: She has been so mean to me! [looks at W1] SO MEAN! She made me stay up until 2 a.m. She wouldn't let me sleep.

W1: [rolls eyes]

W2 [still on phone]: I need you to call Dr S. Yes....scabies....

W1: Dr S doesn't know anything!

W2: You shut up! I can't believe you have been SO MEAN to me! Years! This is the meanest you have been IN YEARS!

W1 picks up her bags and walks to the other side of the post.

W2 follows her BUT SHE IS NOT TALKING TO W1 and THAT WILL SHOW HER. I feel the sulking as they both pass.

The bus arrives. W1 is on board, but I don't see W2. I run to the other side of the post and tell W2 that the bus is here.

W2 boards and walks past W1 without saying a word. W1 apparently had no intentions of letting W2 know that the bus had arrived.

W2 [on phone]:...and get a bunch of plastic put my clothes in.

SH: [looks worried]

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John0 Juanderlust said...

I would be worried too. Those little suckers can be trouble and depending on launch point can jump on you. You learn this stuff when married to an elementary school teacher, although it could have been a ruse...