Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Leaving town

but not leaving blogging. Through the miracle of technology, I have arranged to have old posts show up on my blast from the past blog.

You'll be able to read about my belly-button piercing passout experience, with a sympathy fainting from Leigh. Who was driving.

How Leigh, Megan and I started a club just to meet men. And it worked for Megan.

How Juanderlust/Harpo installed new speakers in my car, a three-hour process that left me “riveted at the sight of [his] semi-nude, middle-aged body sweating in the car.”

Check it out daily. I'll try to post from England and Germany, too, but that requires that I arm-wrestle SH for his computer. He is a total control freak, so it might not be easy.

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