Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marriage 101, Lecture 185: In the bag

The coveted purse.

Me: I want this purse.

SH: But you have a purse.

Me: I know. But I want this one.

SH: You have two purses!

The current purses.

Me: I know. I want this one.

SH: I thought these Good Purses were supposed to last seven or eight years.

Me: Yes, but I want this one.

SH: After all your sister and I went through* to get you the one you have and you want a new one?

Me: Yes. I heart this purse.

SH: Am I supposed to get it for you for Christmas?

Me: No! It's way too expensive.

* See old post, "The Purse of the Magi," or, "Bidding Against Each Other on eBay for CF's Christmas present." Oh wait. You can't. BECAUSE JOURNALSPACE LOST FOUR YEARS OF BLOGGING BUT I'M NOT BITTER.

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Bohemiandoc said...

A purse is an accessory, like a tie, or a decorative piece for the car he likes so much. Purses are not like tuxedos, where you really only need one. I probably have dozens....