Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 47: The Man

SH: It's been getting worse with [the client he is handling while the regular engineer is in Japan.]


Me: That stinks. [Especially stinks because when SH is on a business trip and with customers all day, he spends all evening doing his email and taking care of regular business instead of asking his colleagues to cover for him.]

SH: I had four Oreos with milk before because of the stress. I was going to save the other two for tomorrow, but I have to eat them now.


Jan said...

Ah, yes - good old "one the road" stress eating. And good old "spend the evening doing your regular work after spending all day on the client site." Only Beloved has no one to cover for him because he's, well, the boss.

class-factotum said...

Jan, exactly! SH has been covering for this guy a lot recently -- two weeks in August when the colleague went on vacation (so yes, he should have coverage) and then last week and this week when the guy has been in meetings or traveling and the client wants an answer RIGHT NOW.

But when SH and I were in England and Germany, he spent hours every evening doing his regular work. He doesn't think it's his colleagues' job to do his work when he is not on vacation. (Heck, even on vacation, he works. Not that that is a sore spot with me. I mean, who doesn't want her husband working until 4:00 a.m. their first night in Madrid?)

Do Beloved's employees whine that he makes the big bucks while they just get a salary, they way my cousin's employees do? She owns a hair salon and has stylists who complain that she gets all the profits. They don't complain when she pays the bills, even when there are no customers, though.