Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not a cougar

Is this dress too ongepatcheket? I am watching it on eBay. I love me some animal prints, but I don't think I am the type to carry this off. Especially after searching for a photo of the dress that would upload (eBay was not cooperating). Apparently, this dress is one of the favorites of a cross-dresser who writes about his cross dressing. In just a brief scan of his blog, I learned answers to some questions I have had about cross dressers and all I can say is ouch on their behalf.

Not that I spend a lot of time wondering about this, but I am a person of wide and varied interests and I am always especially interested in the practical details of life if you know what I mean. How do the female astronauts pee? Doesn't everyone want to know this and this sort of thing?

I remember the first time out on Westheimer in Houston when I was a college freshman, watching all these gorgeous, dolled-up women strolling down the sidewalk and being informed that these were not women at all. Quite annoying, actually. Must there be men who are better dressed, better made up and better-looking women than I am?

Photo source: I couldn't copy the eBay photo, so I got it from here:


Richard in NY said...

It's a bit overdone for my tastes, but to each his own. I must confess to having zero curiosity about the challenges of male cross dressers as well.

I am really, really boring.


John0 Juanderlust said...

Animal prints should only be worn by those on death row.