Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rule Britannia 6

SH and I spent Sunday night in Sheffield. While he worked, I walked along the old canals. Sheffield was a steel town, but has re-invented itself. To what, I am not sure yet. I need to do the research.

Then we drove to Coventry yesterday and he dropped me off at the train, but not before we stopped at his hotel, registered, went to the room so I could send an email to Debbie, and discovered that the internet did not work.

We went back downstairs and the clerk told us, "Oh yes. The internet is not working in that room," which rightfully, upset SH because why would you put someone in a room without a working internet? Then when SH returned and they wanted to put him in a different room, they wouldn't give him the new room key until he had turned in the old one. SH is a diamond customer of this hotel, which I shall not name because he usually gets excellent service but their Coventry branch needs a little training, and is not used to being treated like that. I also think it is dumb to worry about giving a customer for whom you have a swiped credit card two keys. What's he going to do? Sleep in two rooms at once?

SH finally asked to talk to the manager and here is what he learned:

The manager said that the guy who checked me in should have asked whether I needed to use the Internet and would have placed me in another room if I had said yes. I replied that no one should have been assigned in advance to any of the rooms in which the Internet access wasn't working (there were at least three), and certainly I should not have been assigned to a room with a known problem because I have "Diamond VIP" status. At first she didn't understand why it was a big deal, saying "Not everyone needs to use the Internet" and suggesting that the only problem had been failing to ask me whether I needed to use it. I think the front desk staff (not just the lady I spoke to) don't understand how important Internet access is for businesspeople. When I was told that I should have been asked whether I needed to use the Internet, I said that I might as well have been asked whether I needed to use the lights or the toilet! I also specifically mentioned that it was annoying to go back downstairs to explain the problem and have the guy who checked me in say "Oh--you need to use the Internet?" She finally admitted that I was right and said that she'd try to have the procedures changed.

The view from our hotel window. Which opened. Our window opened. Can you imagine?

I was pleased to see this guy fishing despite the "No fishing" sign. I mean, really. Why not fish? So he has maggots for bait. The ones on the right are the younger maggots and the darker ones on the left are about three weeks older. The dark ones will sink better, but the fish weren't biting on the dark ones, so he was using the light ones. They are eating cornmeal. Their preferred meal, of course, is dead flesh.

Musn't grumble. So veddy British.

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Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I hate when you have a legitimate complaint and people make you feel crazy.
Great shots, BTW.