Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rule Britannia

The outside of the abbey at Bath. Note the climbing angels. The abbey is right next to the Roman Baths, which we did not see. SH had a 4:30 conference call that he conducted at Starbucks. We would have gone to the baths but COULDN'T FIND THEM DESPITE GOOGLE MAP'S INSTRUCTIONS and by the time we got there, it was too late.

I love England. I really do. I love the English. Tough, polite, fair, stoic.* And I promise I am not trying to tell the English their bidness and how to run their country, but as an outsider, I have a few observations that maybe could be useful. Or not. I am merely a guest here.

1. Road signs and street signs. Just saying. If the street changes names three times in one mile (I'm talking to you, Bath), it would be helpful to know the name of the street you are on now. This moment. And road signs? If I have to make a turn, it would be helpful to know where. There is no margin for error on English roads. If you miss your turn, well too darn bad. I know this is helpful when the Germans come over, but with the internet and all, there would be enough warning to take down the signs.

Inside the Bath Abbey. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

2. Addresses. This goes back to signs. If you are not going to have a sign, then have a street number. "Hilton Bristol, Woodlands Lane" is not enough for someone driving in the rain on the left side of the road with google maps (seventh circle of hell for you, google maps) to find you. Unless "Woodlands Lane" is only 1/10 of a mile long. Which it is not.

3. Showers. We have the technology to keep all the water inside the shower stall, not to mention the heat so that shaving one's legs does not turn into a bloody, goosebumpy misadventure.

The shower at our hotel. The one it took us 20 minutes to find. In the rain. With a crummy map. And an incomplete address.

* There was a sign at Heathrow about how to complain and why you should to it: to improve service, etc. I was too jet-lagged to take a photo, but it cracked me up that there should be a sign to encourage people to complain.

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Richard in NY said...

I hope the food has improved since I lived in the UK. Have fun, and try a "real ale" while you're there.