Friday, October 16, 2009

Chats du jour: Please sir may I have more?

Note also that I freeze my pets, who are forced to huddle next to the monitor for warmth. If only Shirley had some fat on her, she wouldn't be so cold.

I have added photos of the emaciated Shirley forced to eat SOAP because I am SO MEAN. At first I thought she was licking the chocolate cream from the edge of the bowl, but then I realized she was licking the foam from the soap (which I had thought would deter her but I WAS WRONG) and enjoying it. This cat needs psychiatric help.

This. This is the face of starvation in America today. This poor cat is so underfed that she has been forced to (in just the past 24 hours) go after

1. The oatmeal I was getting ready to cook
2. A head of garlic in the onion bowl
3. The remnants of food left on the bottom of the sink after I had rinsed a dish
4. The milk left in the bowl from my cereal last night*
5. The coffee left on the spoon after I stirred in the milk
6. The water left in the pot from cooking the chard left in my garden
7. Grapes I left in the colander
8. A cut-up apple that was in a bowl on the counter

Someone should probably call the ASPCA. She is so hungry that she has gained only half a pound in the past month. Clearly, she is being abused.

* When The Engineer is away, I do not cook.


Jan said...

Your cat and my dog. Scooter can have just finished his entire dish of dog food, but will still run into the kitchen every time I go in there, whether it's got something to do with food or not, in hopes that I'll drop something - anything - on the floor he can eat.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Clearly a kitty in need of a good home!