Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 212: You won't do it right

Scene: SH tried to get a piece of plywood 60" x 80" this weekend at Menard's, but they won't cut plywood to order and the standard size is not what we want. (We need a mattress-firming piece -- it is our compromise to buying a new mattress, which I think is unnecessary, but SH is a man who likes to shop, that is, A Stuff-Buyer. And a Blanket Folder, but that is another story, but I will say this: who cares if the blanket on the sofa in the basement is obsessively folded into a perfect, neat rectangle and lined up squarely with the edges of the cushions? I'll give you a hint: Not I.)

Me: I just called Home Depot. They will cut plywood to order.

SH: Good.

Me: Want me to go get it after the gym?

SH: No! [Because I have so much free time* that I can waste it going to the hardware store and besides, how can I be sure you would do it right, even though you owned your own house for eight years, indeed, were within $300 of paying it off when you sold it, and did almost all your own home repairs and pretty much ran your life OK until I met you when you were 42?]

* That would be so much free time that he has been up until 2:30 a.m. working for the past two nights.


Jan said...

Good heavens, don't EVER offer to go to Home Depot for a man. That's like offering to paint their toenails for them - it just isn't done.

TosaGuy said...
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TosaGuy said...

If you want 60" wide plywood, then go to Freecycle and see if there are any ping pong tables (9' by 5') being given away.

Melissa said...

LOL at Jan's comment. Though when it comes to paint colors, I'm all over it.