Monday, October 26, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 412: Save Big Money at Menard's

Me: What is all this crap?*

SH: It was a good deal. I'll have rebates.

Me: But what is this?

SH: That's a mat to put in the bottom of the oven so the oven doesn't get all dirty.

Me: I don't cook stuff that overflows and we have a self-cleaning oven.

SH: It was a good deal.

Me: It doesn't matter if it's a good deal if we don't need it.

SH: I'll have you know that that was $4.99 but is only 99 cents after rebate.

* Two toothbrushes. We already have seven in the bathroom closet.
Half a gallon of hand-wash refill stuff. We still have 1/5 of a container left and two new little unopened Softsoaps.
A new humidifier. We have one.
Tub sealant. We have some.
Other stuff we actually do need, like motor oil, silicon mats (guess what? you cannot put silicon mats under peppers when you roast them -- well, you can, but the mats melt at that temperature and then are no good for making cookies), canning jars, etc, etc.


Anonymous Mother said...

You need to understand "It is the thrill of the HUNT!"

This is the modern day equivalent of slaying a saber-toothed tiger.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say "DEAL"?

Melissa said...

That actually sounds like my sister's husband. And he's an engineer, too.

Lindy said...

You would think that an engineer
would be more logical.