Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday report

I've aged since this photo was taken, although my hair is still about the same length and it has never had any natural curl. My sister, in my dad's arms, has had Naturally Curly Hair her whole life and what does she do? Blows it straight. I don't get it.

It's been a nice day so far except for the part where SH is gone. He had to leave at the crack of dawn, which stinks. He was almost late to his plane because 1) he does tend to procrastinate, bless his heart and 2) he wrapped my presents and wrote out my birthday card before he left. He might have done so yesterday, but yesterday we were busy making beignets using the deep fryer my mom brought with her in June and then we were busy not moving as we digested the beignets (note to self: make half a recipe next time. Or 1/4 recipe).

SH rigged up this contraption to filter the last of the fat from the beignets.

Then we were busy eating macaroni and cheese at that noodle place that gives you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday. And getting ice cream at Baskin Robbins, where we discovered that we had missed Making Cookies, possibly one of the best ice cream flavors ever that we sought at every Baskin Robbins between Memphis and Milwaukee on a trip two years ago but they were all out and the factory wasn't sending any more.

Where was I?

Oh. They had Making Cookies again two weeks ago AND WE MISSED IT. Rats. Then we got home and had to just sit for a while to digest our second fat-laden meal of the day. So not a whole lot got done yesterday.

PhotobucketWe found this place somewhere in Illinois on that ice-cream seeking trip, but alas no Making Cookies.

But I opened his presents after he left. In addition to the diamond drop earrings, which have not yet come back from the jeweler, he got me peanut-butter stuffed pretzels, which I love and he doesn't so I don't even have to share, marzipan (no sharing) and fancy soaps, which he assured me that he got for 50% off and and then had a coupon, too. He knows me. He knows that I am scared that I am one dollar away from the poorhouse and that fancy soap is a luxury, not a necessity, and I wouldn't enjoy it so much if I thought I was just watching $10 go down the drain.

I have had a lazy day of doing almost nothing. I went to the gym but I did not give it my Best Effort. Ha. And then I got a salad for lunch. I had intended to get a Frito pie from the place down the street (I have been intending to do so since we moved into the house in June 2008), but after all that grease yesterday, I decided well, maybe I'll just wait on that one.

It's a gorgeous day here and I really should wash the windows, but nope. I am sitting on my bed IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON just reading. Yes. That is how lazy I am. But it's my birthday and I want to be lazy.

I am going to have pie for supper.

Laverne is turning into a naughty cat. She found the highest point on the island (where she is not supposed to be). Yes, that spray bottle to the right is the one I use on Shirley (to no avail, apparently) when she goes where il est formellement interdit but she does not care.


Jan said...

Do I need to wish you happy birthday?

class-factotum said...


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
What a great looking family you come from.
I have never heard of peanut butter filled pretzels. I must check this out...

LPC said...

Happy Birthday! Libras Unite! Even though we are far too educated to believe in any of that hogwash...Hey. I see my friends are here. Let's have a party!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Happy birthday to you and all of us mid-October babies.

HRD said...

Many Happy Returns

Richard in NY said...

Happy Birthday CF! What kind of pie is on the menu for dinner?

Melissa said...

I wished you happy birthday before, but I'll do it again -- happy birthday!

I don't understand straightening curly hair, either. I got perms for years because I hated my stick-straight hair. And then when I decide to not get perms, I find that my hair now decided to flip out a la Florence Henderson in the 70s (but, mercifully, I don't have that cut).

class-factotum said...

Maureen, thank you. Yeah, I think my dad was pretty cute. The PB-stuffed pretzels are so good. You can get them at World Market. They have a chocolate covered version, which should be great, but the chocolate-peanut butter ratio is wrong.

LPC, thank you. And thank you for bringing your friends here as readers. If we did believe in such foolishness as astrology, then yes, Libras would be the bomb. Laura is a Libra too, which just proves my point.

Thank you to everyone for your nice wishes. I had the last piece of peach pie in the freezer. My aunt made it when we stayed with them in August on our way to the cottage. I also had some of the chocolate that Patrick and Ilene got me at the Russell Stover factory and stale peanut M&Ms. And the marzipan SH got me.

LPC said...

I'm just closing out the party with a final round of Happy Betday to yooooooooooooo. Sung of course from my place on the floor. Where we all wind up after good parties.

Anonymous said...

Man, your dad was HOT!!! Happy Birthday too!!!