Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is exactly how you don't do it

Remember in the post below how I told you that the woman had shown up wanting me to use the coupon and I told her I didn't have one? I found my original post from 2006. Here's what really happened:

The customer is not always right
posted Wed, 20 Dec 2006

If you show up at my register at 11:57 p.m.

Three minutes before The Store closes
27 minutes after that Big Voice on the PA started asking you to take your purchases to the nearest cashier
Right when I am about to start closing the register
With an armful of clothes
And ask me to check all the prices
And then decide to buy only two things
And leave the rest of the items on the counter that I was trying to clear
So that four other people now see that this is the only register open and get in line
And two are snotty college girls who tell me I’m being paid overtime anyhow, aren’t I? (I'm not, but even if I were, it wouldn't be worth an extra $1.50)
And one of them has an item without a ticket
And doesn’t understand why I can’t give her a price on it
I mean can’t you look it up by the style or something?
And the woman who is actually in charge of the area walks out at midnight because she has "a ride waiting” and she doesn’t even put the trash cans out
So that instead of leaving The Store at 12:15 I don’t get out until 12:45

Don’t even dream of asking me to pull one of the $10 coupons from today’s paper out of my drawer to re-use for you because sister, it’s not happening. (But yes, she did. And no, I didn't.)


HRD said...

Something is telling me you weren't cut out for retail......

Jan said...

Oh, that is just SO wrong. Your boss was a complete *insert ugly expletive here*.

class-factotum said...

HRD, most of the time, I really didn't mind. It helped that I knew it was a temp job, but I spent my days plotting my takeover and planning how I would do things better. Completely re-doing the systems so they would be fraudproof (or more fraudproof) was one thing. And most customers were really nice and I had fun talking to them. But working until midnight was not my idea of a good time.

Jan, My boss was cool, and put me on the midnight shift only once. He tried really hard to be fair about it because he knew nobody wanted to work that late. What I probably should have done when those late people showed up was to say, "I'm so sorry but I've already closed my register" as the other clerks had been smart enough to do. But I am never that quick on my feet. Lying in bed later, I always have the perfect answer. :)

But OK. Yeah. I am probably not the ideal person for a low-wage, customer-facing, smiley all the time job. I do not suffer fools gladly. Although I did finally learn the key to success: no matter what the customer says, the answer is, "Yes ma'am." That's it. "Yes ma'am." My life got a lot easier after that.

class-factotum said...

But Jan, I appreciate your sticking up for me. :)