Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 21: It's about the food

We have embarked on Step One of Holiday Freedom. May I note for the record that I never encountered this issue before I met SH and that's about all I can say except that my mother is lovely in all respects and I should probably stop except I just have to say that if you WANT OATMEAL THEN JUST ASK FOR IT. Do not complain about it a year later. Sheesh.


We are having Thanksgiving in our house. We are having Christmas in our house. Maybe next year we will have the weekend before Christmas in our house, too. And world peace. And no hunger. A cure for cancer.

So yeah, we're working on it.

The plan for Thursday:

Breakfast strata for brunch while SH gets the smoker, which has never been used so this will be an adventure, going with a pork loin, some beef (a brisket? something like that), salmon, and two chickens. Might as well optimize the space and the charcoal.

One of the chickens is from the Madison Farmers Market and from some farmers. It lived a happy, happy life and died of natural causes (humans are natural) and the farmer lady swore it tastes way better than supermarket chicken. We bought a regular chicken from Pick and Save for comparison purposes. No turkey. I do not think turkey is All That and I do not want to be eating it until the end of forever.

We are also having scalloped potatoes, salad, asparagus and pear tart with pears from our pear tree. This is a full-fat meal - cream in the potatoes and butter in the tart crust. Lots of butter. Oh how I love Joy of Cooking. We are eating the farmer chicken.

On Friday, our friends Rob and Lenore and their kids are coming from Chicago. We will have the smoked pork, broccoli cheese casserole, roasted onions (have you done this? a bunch of onions with some olive oil and salt in the oven for an hour or so -- so easy and so good), and a green salad. Then chocolate chocolate-chip cookies for dessert. Homemade doughnuts for breakfast along with my uncle Larry's venison breakfast sausages.

Leftovers for the next week while I watch season one of Big Love. I never should have watched those two episodes on the plane.


TosaGuy said...

Turkey...way overrated.

I am making an apple and cranberry stuffed pork tenderloin.

TosaGuy said...
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