Saturday, November 28, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 454: The buying of the car

SH: Do you want to go with me to look at cars?

Me: I would rather stick needles in my eyes.

SH demonstrates an early facility with mechanics.

SH: You don't like negotiating?*

Me: I hate the entire process. Hate hate hate it.

SH: You don't even want to test drive?**

Me: No. I hate everything to do with buying a new [used -- we are not idiots] car. I hereby abdicate my role in picking a new car and absolve you of all responsibility. I promise that I will like anything you get as long as it starts every time I turn the key and it has AM radio. I will never complain about anything about this car as long as I do not have to go car shopping with you.

* Car salesmen look at women buying cars and think, "My kid is getting braces. And college tuition. And I'm going to Vegas, baby!"

** SH, being a Terminator Engineer, loves everything about car shopping: the research, the details, the test driving, the discussing of the features, is the Audi like the Passat? what does Consumer Reports say? and so on and so on and so on


Richard in NY said...

When my 12 year old Subaru wagon gave up the ghost, I was chatting with the service manager of the Subaru/Volkswagon dealer where I have gone for years, and asked him if he thought I should look at the VW's. He made me promise him I would never buy a Volkswagon. The head mechanic came over and extracted the same vow from me.

We bought another Subaru and love it.

Anonymous said...

Honda all the way--the only way to go!!!