Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 52: Back to basics, or, Remember I am a gold-digger

Me: Maybe we don't really need a second* car. Maybe we could get by with just one car. You work from home. It's not like we have that much overlap in car use. [I go to the gym and faire le nettoyage -- faire des courses? -- in the morning, he goes out to sing at night.]

SH: Maybe. [Eyes car ads longingly.]

As part of our new austerity program, I will be cooking over a wood fire in the back yard.

Me: It would be convenient, but is it necessary?

SH: It would mean you would have to get up really early sometimes to take me to the airport. [As if that would discourage a morning person. It is to laugh hahahahaha.]

Me: I think I am OK with getting up at 5:00 a.m. once a month to save oh $10,000 for the car and then $2,000 a year in insurance, taxes and maintenance.

SH: You'd have to pick me up.

Me: OK. And you could take a cab home for late flights.

[SH looks up cab fares from the airport to our house.]

And catching all of our food. I hear squirrel and rabbit are good this time of year. I was going to post a really cool fish photo that our friend Gary took in Athens but his photo hosting won't let me copy, so just imagine a cool fish photo.

SH: It's almost $45 to take a cab to our house!

Me: And how much do you pay for parking? Even at the cheap lot? [SH is a very conscientious employee. I had to fight to get him to expense his tips.] [Your boss] takes a car service. I think it would be OK.**

SH: Well. Maybe we could take some of the money we wouldn't be spending on a new [used] car and get the Corvair running well enough to use.

Me: My motto is that if we are going to own an expensive piece of machinery, it should be used for more than a paperweight, especially if we have to insure it.

Update: Bonnie's cool fish photo from Athens that I finally figured out how to download from Gary's photo hosting site, no thanks to zenfolio and its little oh I'll save it where I want to save it, thank you very much.

* For purposes of this discussion, we will refer to our prospective purchase as a "second" car, although really, it would be a third car, as we still have the '65 Corvair up at Bonnie and Gary's lake house -- kiss! kiss! They are very generously keeping it in their garage so we don't have to pay to store it as we did the first three years I knew SH. (Oh how that pained my shriveled black stone of a frugal heart.)

** His employer also has no overhead for SH: no rent, no phone lines, no internet, no parking. They weren't even paying his mileage to the airport until I started doing his expense reports and said, "Hey! Do you know how much cash you've been leaving on the table?!" SH was all Oh it's only $16 a trip and I'm all Hey! I can get a pedicure at the beauty school for that!

Photos of a cool 6th grade moi from the Big Factotum. Of course.


Melissa said...

We were down to one vehicle while DH was laid off because the motor decided it wanted to be rebuilt. That wasn't happening, so we sold it to the dealership.

Once he was working again, though, we needed to get a second vehicle again. With two little ones and never knowing when they will decide it's time to go to the ER again, it's a necessity.

class-factotum said...

He did offer the, "What if the car needs to go into the shop?" argument, which is kind of lame for the two of us, seeing as 1) his commute is up one flight of stairs and 2) we could rent a car for a week rather than spend $10,000 to buy a car.

But in your situation, definitely.

Anonymous said...

I thought my pictures could be downloaded, but this was turned off. It's turned on now, so go for the fish.

That was Bonnie's photo, by the way.