Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marriage 201, Lecture 581: Just in case

Me: You finished moving all your CDs?

SH: Yes.

My CDs are in the red shelves to the back left. SH's are now on the shelves above.

Me: And they're alphabetized?

SH: Duh.* So you don't want me to put your CDs in with mine.

Me: Nope. I don't want them commingled.

SH: In case we get divorced?

Me: That, and because your taste in music is crap.

SH: We both have "ABBA Gold."

Me: Well, most of your taste in music.

* He should not be "duh"ing me on this. I am the one who alphabetized them at the apartment, which is why they were alphabetized when I packed them and when I unpacked them in the house. SH believes in the "piles, not files" system of storage. He would never alphabetize voluntarily. NEVER.


Anonymous said...

Alphabetized by artist or title? Artist first name or last name? If by title, where does something that starts with "The..." go? How about "A ..."?

If by Artist, where would CDs by "The Band" go? Would "The Rolling Stones" go under "R" or "T"?, or even "S", as "Stones, the Rolling"...

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Who uses CDs any more? My music is all on my computer, and can go mobile on iPhone or iPod. CDs are stored who knows where, they can go in boxes...


class-factotum said...

Gary -- Oh for pete's sake. This is not rocket science. And you, a Terminator engineer.

By artist. No articles. Hence, "The Band" under "B." Rolling Stones under "R." This is probably the Library of Congress system.

Individuals Last, first, ie, "Dylan, Bob," except neither of us likes Bob Dylan.

The reason SH does not have an iPod is because 1. we do not need yet another gadget in this house and 2. even if he did have one, he would not get rid of the CDs. Have you seen the dead Apple in the basement? Do you not have a 1965 Corvair in your garage that you are storing for us? SH does not throw things away.

Lindy said...

Well, I must say his shelves look mighty tidy. You may be rubbing off on him.

Does SH keep records, too?

class-factotum said...

Lindy, he is tidy. His clutter is very neat. He just has too much stuff.

Yes. He has records. They are under a pile of junk. And he has a record player. As a matter of fact, we have three stereo systems in this house. Only two are set up. A fourth receiver. NO WE CAN'T SELL THEM ARE YOU CRAZY? And two DVD players. We had three, but we sent one to his mom and dad last year. Only one TV and it's in the basement thank God.

Jan said...

I'm afraid I'm of the "piles, not files" school as well.

My music? On my iPod, in no particular order - it goes on shuffle, and that's that. Beloved's music? His iPod has about 20 times the storage space mine does; every song has a graphic of the album it came from and he has many, many play lists: genre, artist, what have you.

Of course, there's only so many ways you can organize 7,000 hours of the Grateful Dead, but still.